Storage and Transportation:
The Nitrocellulose should be stored in special house, which must be cool, ventilated, fire prevented and no tinder near it.The temperature of the warehouse higher than 30℃ and direct sunlight are forbidden.The container must be airproof. The Nitrocellulose should be separated from oxidant and it is better to have a special warehouse to store the Nitrocellulose. Mixed with other products in storage and transportation is forbidden.During the period of storage, we should handle carefully and avoid demolishing the package and container.Shake, bounce and rub should be avoided.

Exposed to air may cause self-ignite and meet with naked fire or heat is easy to explode.The product can make intense response with the oxidant and the majority organic a mine and then cause burning and explosion. Damping media is IPA,NBA , ethanol,and water, it may cause fire as soon as the damping media dry.

Fire exting agent:
Aerification water, carbon dioxide, foam.

Classification and number of this dangerous goods:
1.CAS number: 9004-70-0.
3.Numer of UN NO.:2555(water content), 2556(ethanol content), 2557(plasticizer).