Production of nitrocellulose

1. instruments, medicines: concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and large grinding and grinding reagent bottle stopper, glass rods, large tweezers, stainless steel pot,
Sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate, potassium nitrate, diphenylamine, alcohol, high density polyethylene bottles, black plastic bags.

2. configure a mixed acid: large size milling added to reagent bottle of concentrated nitric acid: sulfuric acid =1:3~4 (v/v), being careful to pour sulfuric acid nitric acid,
To prevent spills, and gently stir or mix with a glass rod slightly shaking the bottle, cover the ground glass stopper to cool to room temperature on standby.

3. nitrification: the absorbent cotton, nitrocellulose
Or immersed in a mixture of acid paper, at the same time with a glass rod to the air bubbles out, finally left a bottle of 5mm acid layer (cover by nitration of acid surface),
At room temperature for 20 minutes.

4. cleaning: large tweezers out of nitrocellulose, rinse with water to lose acidity.

5. stability and handling: wash and boil of nitrocellulose in dilute solution of sodium carbonate 20~30min, keep the solution is alkaline.
Wash to remove neutral or slightly alkaline. Dry before dipping 2% potassium nitrate solution, remove and dry the immersion 2% diphenylamine alcohol solution, remove and dry.
6. Save: mount HDPE bottles (that’s usually solid chemical 500g a bottle),
External sleeve on the black plastic bags (bottles of nitric acid), dry, cool, saves, or refrigerator freezer (do not put in the freezer,
Low temperature can lead to breakage, ignite will produce a conflagration), good quality of nitrocellulose stored in the refrigerator up to a few years.
7. burning rate: the highest drying nitrocellulose, paper second, nitrification of toilet paper burning rate slightly higher than that of gunpowder, fuses can be made.
8. quality: light, strong cotton will only leave trace residue, no sour taste. Due to the decomposition of nitrocellulose, so long-term storage to periodically check the metamorphic conditions,
You can take a small amount of nitrocellulose lit, not smell the sourness of flue gas after combustion, and has a strong pungent sour, poor quality, yellow is also bad signs
But slight yellowing does not affect use, save.

9. lighting: fifth battery spring in a ballpoint pen can be lit within 5 seconds of nitrocellulose, dry cotton Twine after the soaking solution of potassium nitrate,
Sweet, light sticks, with a lighter or match to light be careful not to burn it. 10. use: magic, was the fire an important raw material for paper, due to the far greater thrust than gunpowder,
And highly flammable, you can move the 10MM to the following metal projectiles. Due to the burning speed, pressure, Fireworks does not apply. Good quality and very fast burning rate of nitrocellulose,
So it can be lit directly on the hand and does not burn, but pay attention to the amount of added, too high will produce molten potassium nitrate residue causes burns.