Nitrocellulose lacquer

1) nitrocellulose varnish is a kind of transparent paint is composed of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and solvent modulation into the genus, volatile paint, has the characteristic of fast drying, Hikaruzawa Youwa etc.. Nitrocellulose varnish is divided intolight, semi matte and Matt three, can choose according to need. Lacquer, also has its disadvantages: high humidity weather easy white, plump degree is low, low hardness.

2) paint brush in hand. Belonging to a nitrocellulose varnish, is composed of nitrocellulose,various kinds of synthetic resin, a non transparent paint pigment and organic solvent of modulated. The paint for artificial construction preparation, more with quick drying property.

3) the main auxiliary agent nitrocellulose lacquer

A. days of the water. It is colorless transparent liquid with banana smell a by ester, alcohol,benzene, ketones and other organic solvent mixture. Since the main blendingnitrocellulose lacquer and curing effect.

B. white water, also called anti white water, operation called ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. In the wet weather during the construction, the film will have a white phenomenon,adding appropriate dilution dose 10~15% nitro magnetized water can eliminate white