Nitrocellulose with what ingredients can combustion

Nitrocellulose itself is flammable and explosive dangerous goods, nitrocellulose highly the flammability and explosive, its dangerous degree depending on the degree of nitrification.Risk of nitrogen content in more than 12.5% of the maximum, in a fire that is burning. The outbreak of 180~185 degrees. Aqueous 25% safer. Can accelerate the decomposition andcombustion at temperatures above 40 DEG C, the detonation velocity of 6300m/s, the nitrogen content of less than 12.5% although relatively stable, but the heated or stored a long time, due to the gradual decomposition and release acid, reducing fire point, easy toget angry or the possibility of explosion. So, nitrocellulose itself is highly flammable, I know a NC processing factory, because sewing machine ignition, tens of millions of product packaging library on fire, fire engines are not down.