The antistatic properties of nitrocellulose

Based on nitrocellulose used as raw materials, selecting carbon seriesconductive filler by liquidphase method of blending and preparation ofantistatic nitrocellulose film. And electrostatic sensitivity testing instrumentwith high impedance meter, electronic universal testing machine and itsfield emission scanning electron microscope the antistatic property ofantistatic nitrocellulose membranes are characterized, respectively,mechanical properties and microstructure. Results show that, when addingcarbon series conductive filler, 1%, antistatic nitrocellulose membrane forvolume resistivity and surface resistivity respectively: 2.2×109 ω 7.5×109 ω ·m, compared to solid nitrocellulose, were reduced by 6 orders ofmagnitude and 3 orders of magnitude. Its a static electric spark sensitivityto 2.31J, compared to solid nitrocellulose, increases 14%, shows the bestantistatic properties. Mechanical properties of improved description ofconductive fillers added, would not weaken the mechanical properties ofnitrocellulose per se. Uniform conductive products within the network cancause static charges to dissipate.