What kind of paint is good?

1, wood coatings. 1) nitro varnish. Nitrocellulose varnish is a kind of transparent paint is composed of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and solvent modulation, a volatile paint,has the characteristics of fast drying, Hikaruzawa Youwa etc.. Nitrocellulose varnish is divided into light, semi matte and gloss three, can choose according to need. Lacquer,also has its disadvantages: high humidity weather easy white, plump degree is low, low hardness. 2) hand brushed paint. A nitrocellulose varnish, is composed of nitrocellulose,various kinds of synthetic resin, a kind of non transparent paint pigment and organicsolvent of modulated. The paint for artificial construction and preparation, has thecharacteristics of quick drying. 3) the main auxiliary lacquer agent A., days that water. It is a colorless transparent liquid with a banana odor by ester, alcohol, benzene, ketones and other organic solvents mixture. Mainly from the blending nitrocellulose lacquer and curingeffect. B. white water, also called anti white water, were called ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. In wet weather during the construction, there will be the phenomenon of white paint,nitro magnetized water can be properly diluted doses of elimination of 10~15%. 2)polyester paint. It is the use of polyester resin as a thick paint film forming material. The polyester lacquer paint film thickness, surface hardening. Polyester paint also has avariety of polyester varnish varnish, called. The need for curing polyester paint in the construction process, the curing agent amount accounted for the total weight of 1/3. Thecuring agent is also known as hardening agent, its main composition is TDI (toluene diisocyanate /toluene diisocyanate). These are free TDI will turn yellow, not only make thefurniture paint yellow, will also make the adjacent wall yellow, which is a major drawback of polyester paint. Currently on the market there have been yellowing polyester paint, butalso can do “yellowing” only, can not be completely prevent yellowing. In addition, beyond the standard free TDI will cause harm to human body. The harm of free TDI on the human body is the main sensitization and stimulation, including pain tears, cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, conjunctival hyperemia, asthma, red papules, maculopapular rash,allergic contact dermatitis and other symptoms. The international standard for restrictedfree TDI is controlled below 0.5%. 4) a polyurethane paint. Polyurethane paint polyurethane paint is polyurethane paint. The film strength, gloss plump, strong adhesion,abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance. Are widely used in high-grade wooden furniture,can also be used for metal surface. Its disadvantages are mainly tide foaming paint,powder and other issues, and polyester paint, it also exists the problem of yellowing.Polyurethane varnish variety called polyurethane varnish. 2, interior wall paint interior wall paint can be divided into water soluble paint and latex paint. General decoration is used in latex paint. Latex paint that is latex paint, in accordance with the different substrate,divided into the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate and acrylic acid emulsion two categories. Latex paint with water as diluent, is a kind of convenient construction, safety,washable, breathable and good kinds of paint, it can deploy a different color according todifferent color schemes. Components in the production of latex paint basically consists of water, emulsion, pigments, fillers and additives, these materials do not contain whattoxicity. As a latex paint, probably mainly toxic film-forming agent in ethylene glycol and mildew in the organic mercury. Currently on the market quite fierce on the latex paint toxicone, mainly is the information released by the ignorance of the people, in the absence ofanalysis which is the wall paint paint under the condition that the latex paint toxic is anirresponsible. Currently on the market the so-called contain large amounts of formaldehyde in the so-called “paint”, in fact, is a water soluble paint, latex paint, instead,some unscrupulous manufacturers is soluble paint fake latex paint with inferior water. So,choose the goods and keep ventilated, is an effective way to prevent pollution. 3, exterior wall paint wall basic properties and inner wall latex paint paint almost. But the film is hard,anti water ability. Commonly used in the exterior wall latex paint for exterior wall, can also be used in damp places Restroom etc.. Of course, the exterior wall latex paint can beused, but please don’t try to inner wall latex paint for external use. 4, fire paint, fireproof paint is a kind of flame retardant coating consists of film forming agent, flame retardant,foaming agent and other materials from. Due to the extensive use of wood Home Furnishing, cloth and other flammable materials, fire prevention, therefore, is a worthy ofmention agenda.